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Posted by Steve Diebold

AC&M HS-75/115 Strap Seals

There are many plastic strap seals for securing cargo and a multitude of other things. But the HS-75 and HS-115 from AC&M offer an array of proprietary features that help you assure and verify lock integrity. There is nothing else like it, and the security benefits are substantial. The two model designations are for the 2 lengths we make (7.5-inch and 11.5-inch)


The unique lock core is sealed in the surrounding body which employs multiple lock points to make sure it is in place and will stay that way. The locking end of the band is engineered to interlock in the housing with three separate mechanisms.

  • The first is a large solid tab across the entire band that is inclined to easily insert and then securely seat over a deep right-angle ridge and cavity in the lock body. It blocks the seal’s opening from insertion of any tools or “picks” known to be used for opening other band seals without detection.
  • Next are multiple ridges across the band that ratchet into matching ridges in the housing. They can be heard to click one by one as the seal closes to the fully locked position.
  • The third lock mechanism uses two pointed tabs that seat onto another ridge to hold the locked position from the opposite side of the larger primary lock tab. This adds strength to the overall lock and makes sure both sides are blocked from picking.

Finally, the entire lock system is held in place by a special plastic spring mechanism to prevent any potential unlock by impacts during normal use. The spring also increases the resistance to any attempts to pry, force or pick the lock systems loose with tools.

The end result of this design gives this plastic marvel the strength to stay locked with pull forces up to 135 lbs.

Those are just the locking features -- which combine with other features to help to further assure integrity and security of the HS series band seals.


Imprint on this seal is deeply hot stamped and uses large characters for easy reading and protection from attempts at changing the marking. Logos, custom marking and multiple color options are also available. Serial numbers are equally large and deep for visibility and reliable reading.

The band of these seals is exceptionally smooth which helps to see any attempts to cut and glue the band together or alter it in other ways. Any compromise or modification is easily spotted.

When locked the band moves freely in and out about 1/8-inch (3mm) and stop firmly in each direction. It can be checked when locking and at any time during its use. If it does not move it is either not properly locked or some form of tampering is suspected.

The lock housing edges are heat sealed around the body and should be free of cuts and white marks. Any such marks or white distortion of the color likely indicates attempted picking


Small imprint of “Amer. Casting” plus our toll free phone number and patent number are molded into the band, to the right of the lock housing. This helps to verify it is an authentic AC&M seal and not a substitute or fake.

A small round reference hole appears just outside the entry slot on the inside of the band. This is an important inspection point to be sure the band length is correct ad not altered. When the band is pushed the reference hole moves slightly inside the lock body.

There are ridges across the band at the locking end on the side of the band with the stamped markings. These ridges are molded into the band and will show on the first ¾-inch of the band just outside the entry slot when the seal is fully locked. If not, the seal should be checked for tampering.

You may not need all these reference points for your application, but we highly recommend that users take advantage of these many inspection features along with routine hand pull testing to verify the integrity and authenticity of the seal -- wherever it is used.

WHERE IT IS USED varies widely. Trucks and cargo conveyances were the first common use for HS75/HS115. Because of the quality, high security level and durable construction they also are used for many other closures including, valves, electrical lockouts, tagging animal skins, securing storage and much more. This is a seal you should see and try.

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